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Pros and Cons of Building a Swimming Pool by Yourself

Pros and Cons of Building a Swimming Pool by Yourself, what does it involve?

So, you’ve decided that you want that swimming pool. You’ve considered all of the factors, you know where to place it, and you also have an exact image of what you want that pool to look like. But now comes the big question: should you do it yourself or should you call in the professional?

Let’s say that you’ve decided to do it yourself; what are the implications of it? What are the advantages – and most importantly, what are the disadvantages? Weighing the pros and the cons, you should be able to determine whether a DIY project is worth it or not.

For one, here are the pros:

· It will save you money: If you decide to build the pool yourself, you’ll no longer have to pay a professional for his work. Granted, the materials have to be paid for – but half the money goes into the craftsmanship. Therefore, instead of shoving that money into their pocket, you will be shoving it in yours.

· You can choose the materials yourself: A hired pool builder will choose the materials they believe are suitable for your project – and they will not always care that they are fairly expensive. If you do the choosing part yourself, you will be able to “tweak” things to your benefit.

· Some can be installed directly: If you go for the right fiberglass pool, for instance, you can install it yourself – without requiring help from anyone else. However, this can only be done if you go for an above-surface swimming pool – since a ground-level one requires a lot of work.

There are a few pros – but at the same time, there are a few cons that you might want to consider.

Here is why you might want to refrain from building a swimming pool yourself.

· It’s time-consuming: When you start building a swimming pool, you need to make peace with the fact that the construction will take a lot of your time. If you can’t skip work or you want to actually enjoy your life, it will take a while until the installation is finished.

· You can make mistakes: You may have the basic knowledge – but unless you are a professional swimming pool builder yourself, you are bound to make mistakes. Even an “easy to install fiberglass pool” might bring things that you can miss.

· You may buy the wrong materials: As a person that is not a professional in the field, you may not know the brands or which material will last the longest. You will likely choose the cheapest option – which in turn, will cause your swimming pool to be less durable.

· It may cost you more than you expect: When you make a budget yourself, it is likely that you will miss a few costs – and you will have to pay more than you have budgeted for.

To wrap things up, it is much more affordable to install the swimming pool yourself – but you will also be prone to mistakes. The only way in which this could result in a successful project is if you already have prior knowledge in building swimming pools. Advantages and Drawbacks of Hiring a Professional Company At this point, you may have doubts about whether you should install the swimming pool yourself or not. Every country, including Thailand, can be very strict when it comes to installing a swimming pool – and if you try installing one in Phuket, you might automatically drive yourself into a wall.

Hiring a professional to build your swimming pool will have its own perks and drawbacks – which you might want to familiarize yourself with.

First of all, here are the pros that might help you make your decision:

· Professionals have the knowledge: Professional swimming pool builders will know exactly how to build a swimming pool because it’s their job to do so. They will not be prone to making any mistakes since they will know the process like the back of their own hands.

· You will save time: If you choose to hire a pool building company, you will not have to

spend your own time working on a swimming pool yourself. You can spend that time relaxing and enjoying yourself while the swimming pool guys are doing all the hard work for you.

· It will be done fast: Think about it; if you are planning to build the swimming pool yourself, you’ll have to go to your job, leave the project pending, and only work on it on your free time. On the other hand, a professional pool building company will work only on your project – which means that it will be done much faster.

· They know the good brands: Considering that professionals have worked with a variety of brands, they are able to discern the good brands for the bad ones. They know exactly what will pass through the moods of time – and what will be damaged with the first hailstorm.

· They will take care of the documentation: No matter where you are planning to build a swimming pool in Thailand, you will have a lot of permits and documentation to take care of – which can not only be costly, but time-consuming as well. If you go for a professional team to take care of that documentation for you, this will no longer be an issue.

· They will have a correct budget: A professional team will know the exact expenses – and they will know how to expect the unexpected. This is why you will never step over your budget because everything will be already smartly budgeted for.

Obviously, just as there are advantages, there are also a few drawbacks when it comes to hiring a team:

· They’re expensive: Hiring a professional swimming pool company is certainly very convenient – but at the same time, it can be very costly. Not only that you will have to pay for the professional materials that they choose, but you will also have to pay for the labor of the worker.

· They won’t give you much freedom: A professional pool builder will know exactly what should go where, and will probably already have a pattern for every project. While he may accept some of your ideas, you will not get that much of a say in the project – mainly because “they know best.”

Overall, it may be more expensive to hire a professional team – but with this, you can at least expect a job well done.

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